Hazelnut Chocolate Semifreddo

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Our Hazelnut Chocolate Semifreddo has to be the easiest ice-cream you can create without an ice-cream MAKER! Just prepare with a few ingredients, set in the freezer and you have a yummy ice-cream that will go down a treat with EVERYONE!

Any left overs can be stored back in the freezer with placing the sleeve and lid on. ” if you have left overs”

Hazelnut Chocolate Semifreddo




3- Large eggs

100 gram caster sugar

600ml thicken cream

100gm Hazelnuts

1 vanilla bean pod


Melted chocolate in a bowl over simmering water till melted. Allow to cool.

Beat eggs & sugar for a few minutes till pale in colour.

Combine the chocolate and egg mixture well.

Whip cream till thick, scrape add vanilla pod and fold in the chocolate & egg mixture. Add hazelnuts and mix

Pour mixture into Delicake base with sleeve, add more hazelnuts then put the lid on and freeze till set.

Allow to stand for 10 minutes before serving. Remove the lid and sleeve from the base, cut & serve

You can re-assemble sleeve and lid to store in the freeze.

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