Our unique design caters for the home baker & entertainer lifestyle trends of today


Lid, base and sleeve


Pour ingredients in and create perfect layers.


Set in the fridge or freezer! Once set remove the sleeve.


Cut and serve from the base.

Welcome to Delicake!

“Create recipes without an oven in no time”

Our cake ware Masters are an innovative Australian made designed for the convenience of preparing, setting and serving your delicious cold recipes.

The Masters are a three piece product: a base  allowing you to perfectly cut and serve your masterpiece, a removable sleeve which sets your recipes, a lid to seal in the freshness.

Delicake focus on the home baker and entertainer, creating products that work beautifully for the growing number of no baking consumer trends, required to set recipes in the fridge or freezer.

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As Seen On T.V

Delicake will help you to create No Bake Recipes Easily

Our Masters are an all in one solution creating recipes in three easy steps, saving you time and effort, transport easily & present beautifully on any table.

Sweet Paleo Vegan Savoury

Stack Fridge Freezer to Table

“Impress your guest” Entertainers Dream without baking & waiting.

Preparing your recipes in advance lets you enjoy your family and friends with your centrepiece recipe ready to cut and serve on any dining table for all of you to enjoy.

Create Masterpieces Easily

Create Recipes In Minutes

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PATENT: Granted Australian Innovation Patent 2015100527 : Granted Australian Patent  2016214980 : Patent Pending PR China: Patent Pending United States