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Our unique design caters for the home baker and consumer lifestyle of today

Delicake base and Sleeve


Pour ingredients in and create perfect layers.

Delicake Sleeve


Set in the fridge or freezer! Once set remove the sleeve.

Delicake base


Cut and serve from the base.

Welcome to Delicake!

Our unique design caters for the home baker and consumer lifestyle of today”

Delicake Australian made non-bake premium cake ware products are an Australian innovative design. Our Masters are designed for the convenience of preparing, setting and serving your delicious no bake recipes. Its transparent material allows you to see perfect layers when assembling your ingredients. Our Masters are a three piece product: a lid to seal in the freshness and a removable sleeve which sets your recipes and allows you to perfectly cut your masterpiece from the base and serve.


Our Masters

The Delicake Master is the must have product for the home baker, home entertainer, semi professional baker, beginner, young or wiser. Our Masters will help you create no bake masterpieces including dessert recipes, vegan recipes and savory recipes.

Our Masters  are an all in one solution, saving you time and effort– no lining required, no scooping out, no detached base to remove and no extra washing up. Our Masters transport easily and present beautifully on any table. Whether you enjoy making, creating or entertaining in your kitchen, our Masters will truly show off your efforts for all to enjoy.

Rocky Road no bake Cheesecake recipe page

Preparing now lets you enjoy your family and friends with your centerpiece recipe ready to serve on any dining table for all of you to enjoy. Deliciously displaying & presenting what you have created in your Delicake Masters allows you to prepare your recipes in advance, set in the fridge or freezer with the lid, cut & serve from the base when you’re ready to enjoy your dessert together. Creating more than one recipe has never been easier with our lid and base design solution that stack and store conveniently in the fridge or freezer.


Superior outcome for foodies

Discovering passion for food using Delicake Masters will add to your neatly constructed and impressive show piece presentation for all eyes to eat. Our Masters transparent material ensures complete confidence when layering and assembling your masterpiece, making it even easier to escape the real world and fulfill your passion and love for creating  wonderful desserts you can truly admire.


Kids will love helping – or taking over

Delicake has you covered with getting your children in the kitchen. Our convenient product is perfect to bring out the “little could be chef” , even if they are making a mess for you. Create easy recipes that they can layer with food ingredients, textures and colour. Setting them in the fridge or freezer assures you of any hot element concerns in the kitchen. Also watch their eyes light up when they have to remove the sleeve upwards.


Traditional Round Master TRM- 23cm diameter Acrylic

Traditional Round Master

Versatile Rectangle Master VRM-20cm x 30cm Acrylic 

Versatile Rectangle Master

Stylish Square Master SSM-20cm x 20cm 8inch

Launching Soon!

Stylish Square Master

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