Why Delicake


An easier way for home cooks

Delicake Masters are a refreshingly simple alternative to no bake cooking, offering a premium quality, Australian-made product that lets you watch as your dishes literally come to life before your eyes, while our easy to assemble functionality allows you to start creating beautiful recipes in seconds.

Designed for superior durability

We have carefully selected the highest quality materials. Made in Australia to meticulous standards, Delicake Masters are the only cakeware you’ll want to trust your recipes to.

Options to suit everyone

Available in a range of shapes, colours, and with exclusive accessories, you’ll be ready to create your next no bake masterpiece with cakeware that presents beautifully on your table.

Kitchen fun for the whole family

No bake desserts are one of the best ways to get your children involved in the kitchen – no hot oven to worry about and beautiful looking creations that the whole family will enjoy.

Clever all-in-one functionality

Throw out your glass and ceramic cookware. Bin your springform pans & cake carriers. The unique Delicake Master is designed for your convenience – prepare, set, stack, store, transport & serve. From the fridge or freezer, straight to the table, and clean-up is a breeze.

Consistent results, every time

Few things are more frustrating than struggling to scoop your creations out of the base. With Delicake cakeware you’ll get consistent results… and no crumb left behind.

Earth & Human Friendly

BPA free and recyclable, there’s no nasties in our cakeware so they’re non-toxic to the planet and people alike.

Benefits of using Delicake Cakeware

All in one solution! Create Masterpieces!

Prefect your recipes & save time!

Prepare set and serve when your guests arrive!

No scooping out ever! No cling required!

Sets perfectly! Seal with lid!

Transport easily! Present beautifully!

How do I use the master?


  1. Place the base down “Delicake base/lid text is facing upwards”.
  2. Place the sleeve on top using the indent snug fit to ensure security.
  3. Put your fresh ingredients in the mould.
  4. Cover using the lid and refrigerate/freeze. Ensure Delicake lid/base is facing upwards.
  5. Our lid/base design stacks more than one recipe easily.


  1. Remove lid gently.
  2. Put both hands on the sleeve firmly and slowly raise the sleeve from the base and lifting them upwards.
  3. Ready to serve on the base at any table using non abrasive cutting utensils.

How do I clean the masters?

  1. Place under hot water and rinse.
  2. Use a soft cloth with liquid soap.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and dry.