Easter Recipe Inspiration Delicake

Creating recipes for Easter requires some planning when you’re entertaining your family and friends. Delicake has some recipes that require no effort and no baking required either.  

All the recipes created by Delicake has not touched an oven and with the new bake ware for no baking, it will help you entertain easily without being overwhelmed in the kitchen.

Our recipe will inspire you and your kids to create that special show stopper that everyone will enjoy at the dining table, it may even be the family favourite for all of you.

With over 50 recipes you can put a little Easter egg love on any of them and make it your own. From our famous Chocolate cake, Cheesecakes, Tarts, Tiramisu, Vegan, Semifreddo, Puddings, Pies, Mousses, Fudges, Savoury salads for every dining occasion this Easter.

Our bloggers and chefs worldwide has helped us create recipes for you to enjoy using the Delicake Cake Ware.

See all our recipes on our recipe page and be inspired to create


Throw out your glass and ceramic cookware. Bin your spring form pans & cake carriers. The unique Delicake Master is designed for your convenience – prepare, set, stack, store, transport & serve. From the fridge or freezer, straight to the table, and clean-up is a breeze.

Available in a range of shapes, colours, and with exclusive accessories, you’ll be ready to create your next no bake masterpiece with cakeware that presents beautifully on your table.


Australian-made product that lets you watch as your dishes literally come to life before your eyes, while our easy to assemble functionality allows you to start creating beautiful recipes in seconds

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BPA free and recyclable, there’s no nasties in our cakeware so they’re non-toxic to the planet and people alike.

Enjoy Easter From all of us at Delicake

Chefs Essentials Stock Delicake

Chefs Essentials in Geelong now stock the Delicake range in store.  Providing customers with the best possible service and advice, selling them great quality cookware for their budget and needs. Their mission is one that reassures you of the  wonderful kitchenware products you will have in your home  or professional kitchen to create meals to share with your friends and family or customers. They also focus on you, the customer, ensuring you get value for everything your purchase in store and only stock valued products they stand by.

They have branded gadgets sourced worldwide for your convenience that work beautifully for every kitchen/cooking task you want to accomplish.    Borner, Oxo, Zyliss, Metaltex, Dalson, Cuisina, Culinare, Monopol, D-line, Westmark, Vacuvin, Chef Inox, Fox Run, Chef’n, KitchenCraft, Avanti and Combo Star just to name a few.

Barware, utensils, cake decorating, Cutlery, crockery, butchers tables, pot racks, cutting boards, cake boards, tea towels, pot mitts, flask & Sigg drink bottles.

You should also note, Chefs Essentials give back to the community with support and sponsorship to many foundations in need through your support.

Find the location on our stockists page 


Bake & Deco Warehouse Stock Delicake

Bake & Deco Warehouse in Ballarat now stock the Delicake Range.

So if you’re a CAKER, you will love to shop at the family owned & operated family business situated in the old gold mining town of Ballarat Victoria. 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from Melbourne.

They specialise in cake decorating supplies and equipment, everything for the home baker to the professional decorator with over 20 years experience. They have the tools, ingredients and the know how to help you perfect that Masterpiece you want to create.

You will add even more recipes to your list with the no bake biscuit crumb based desserts… it’s for us at the Delicake family of no baking… you need to see the link and try them with ease using the Masters.


They have videos to help you create cakes, cake decorating classes for beginners and something for the kids during the holidays, now that’s a bonus for all parents in the area.

You may even have a “Little Could Be Chef” at home after trying a Kids birthday party which will be a treat for all. Your child will create and eat while having a sweet party he/she will never forget. Find the next booking available.


Tins, Tools & Equipment, Toppers and many well known brands you can rely on to create a Masterpiece is available in store. Cake boxes, boards, classes, lace & mats, even dessert premixes. Chocolate making, colouring, cupcake, cases, cutter, dowels, Dummy cakes, Flavouring, Flower making, Fondant, Food Dust, Glitter & Lustre Gift ware Impression Mats, Moulds Piping, Pet Treats, Ribbons, Sprinkles & Decorative, Stencils.

The welcoming staff will assist you with all your needs, if you want to learn the art of cake making and decorating or at a professional level, wanting to know the latest technique or tools, Bake & Deco will be your helping hand!

THIS IS A MUST GO TO STORE, even if it’s a little get away to Ballarat.

See the location & contact details on our Stockists page.

Delicake Masters Make Meal Preparation Quicker & Easier

58% of Australians Find Cooking Evening Meals Stressful. Delicake Masters Make Meal Preparation Quicker and Easier.

According to McCrindle Research (Australia’s Cooking Landscape), 58% of Australians find cooking evening meals to be stressful. In addition, 61% of people feel guilty they don’t have the time to prepare nicer meals, while 54% think preparing food for a dinner party or family meal is more stressful than going to work or doing household chores.

One Australian mum lacked the time and felt guilty about not preparing nicer meals for her family and special occasions, but she didn’t give up and turned her problem into a solution that’s growing in popularity in Australian households. Her desire to create quick, healthy and delicious desserts inspired her to develop a true Australian innovation – Delicake Cakeware.

Delicake is a unique, three-piece transparent cake ware product, which includes a base, sleeve and lid. The pieces fit together, enabling home bakers to prepare, set and serve their creations within a single kitchen item.

Julie, the creator or the Delicake range of products, notes that home cooks like herself are more likely to create healthy and delicious meals when it’s easy and less time consuming.

‘With such busy schedules, cooking is often the last thing you want to do,’ Julie says. ‘Before I developed Delicake, I dreaded creating desserts for a family meal or dinner party. That all changed when I discovered an easier way to create quick and healthy no-bake desserts.’

Although wives and mothers cook most evening meals (48% according to Australia’s Cooking Landscape report) all family members will also enjoy a simple new way of creating recipes in minutes. They can now easily create luscious desserts, savoury and vegan recipes in a few simple steps. Being a no-bake solution, it’s safe for kids to get involved in making quick, easy and fun recipes.

Using Delicake Cakeware reduces the stress and time needed to create desserts for family meals or special occasions. As Julie notes, ‘I developed Delicake Cakeware to make it easy to enjoy cooking again and not be one of the 58% of people who get stressed by the thought of preparing meals.’

In addition, with step-by-step instructions for no-bake dessert recipes on the Delicake website, even inexperienced cooks can now enjoy making delicious desserts.

To learn more, go to www.delicake.com.au/whydelicake.


Cake Decorating Solutions Stock Delicake


Cake Decorating Solutions now stock the Delicake range in ALL stores. The well established store is a family owned company with eight stores and counting. They supply EVERYTHING cake with friendly staff that also LOVE everything cake! You will be delighted to know they are up to date on the latest trends, tools, ingredients and chocolate for your Masterpiece.

It’s a pleasure to share insider information…. “the team at Cake Decorating Solutions try all the products made available to you, before it hits the shelves ” They know first hand how to use the products they display beautifully in all the stores which give you the confidence to shop for the right tool & ingredients in store.

If you haven’t been to the store, then this is the must GO TO store for your inspiration to create desserts to share with your family and friends.

Find all your cake decorating solutions under one roof with Airbrushes, Backdrops, Buttercream & Ganache, Cake Boards, Cake Decorating Kits, Cake Mix, Chocolate & Candy Melts, Cake Pops, Cake Stands, Candles, Diamonds/Diamantes, Edible Dried Flowers & more. With all the hints & tips via their website, you bound to create a SHOW STOPPER!

Cake Decorating Solutions have classes for you to learn the art of creating beautiful cakes with all the glitter, shine and colours. Catering  to the kids/teens, adults beginner or advanced, you’re in good hands with renowned baking and decorating professional that come from abroad, here and far.

Learn how to make unicorn magic cupcakes and cake pops, monster sweet treats, garden gritters and lets not forget the EMOJI cupcakes. They have every festive season covered and one just for the GIRLS night out. Cupcakes for every occasion will truly impress your guests with cupcake heaven ready to eat.

If you’re interested in learning the ART of Cake Making then head over to the website and book in.



Find the nearest store! clink on our stockist page Stockists


What’s Cooking Stock Delicake

What’s Cooking now stock the full range of Delicake products in store. The beautiful kitchenware store has everything you need for your kitchen.

The latest cooks essentials, bake ware, cook ware and electrical products to prepare your ingredients and cook a feast for your family to enjoy. Let’s not forget the time it will save using the innovative gadgets that are designed to help you prepare food easily.

What’s cooking also stock a range of designer tableware to suit your indoor and outdoor entertaining needs for that special occasion or that casual Sunday lunch in your backyard.  Creating desserts will be a breeze with the Delicake Masters on hand,  serve from fridge/freezer to tableware that everyone will enjoy presented beautifully on your dining table.

Head over to What’s Cooking, with stores across Sydney, you’re sure to find a store near you. The staff have the experience and passion to assist you with all your cooking needs, showing you the right kitchenware item to suit your home and lifestyle.

The stockist page has all the store location details and the stores that carry the full range of Masters.


Chatswood Westfields  Cherrybook Village Hornsby Westfields 

Royal Randwick Shopping Centre Macquarie Centre Warriewood Shopping Centre




Afterpay Shop Now Pay Later At Delicake

Our exciting announcement of Afterpay on our social media platforms have been a huge success. With many of our wonderful Facebook followers (who are now part of the Delicake Facebook Family) wanted us to transition to an easy BUY NOW and PAY LATER service has finally come to LIFE!

The encouragement of our Australian followers (Family) have been true to their word and have purchased our range of products making it easy to have the Masters in their KITCHEN since our announcement.

What a wonderful time to encourage more presents just around Mothers Day in Australia, Yes! Mothers Day is huge here and we wish all our MUMS a happy Afterpay shopping day.


Shop Delicake Masters

AGC Catering Equipment Now Stocks Delicake

AGC Catering Equipment is a family owned and operated business located in Sydney. And are now proud stockists of Delicake Cake Ware!

You will find quality equipment, untensils, crockery and kitchen must haves in their HUGE showroom that sells to industry professionals, businesses and to the public.

You will be spoilt for choice as you browse the huge range of products available. And will no doubt walk out with your arms overflowing and a huge smile on your face.

So head on in, say HI to the beautiful team and grab your Delicake Masters from an established, reliable and local Sydney business.

Visit their Website – http://agcequipment.com.au

Follow them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/agccat/


Introducing, The Stylish Square Master!

The Stylish Square Master is the newest addition to the Delicake range!

Delicake has added another dimension to its revolutionary transparent Masters range with the launch of the landmark square (20cm x 20cm) cake ware product.

The wholly Australian-made square container is the most petite item in the Delicake Masters range. Making it an exciting new solution for home bakers preparing no-bake creations for family events. It joins the 23cm round and 20cm x 30cm rectangular options that are already available.

Delicake has pioneered unique, three-piece transparent cake ware products, which are comprised of a base, sleeve and lid. All pieces lock together enabling home bakers to prepare, set and serve their creations within a single kitchen item.

Delicake innovator and founder, Julie, says that “the launch of the square container further advances consumer access to innovative all-in-one preparation and presentation for occasions of any scale”.

‘It’s exciting to start the year by further improving the options and experience our customers have with our innovative Masters range,’ Julie says.

‘Raw, vegan and paleo food continue to be dominant lifestyle forces. ‘Our Delicake Masters range makes it possible for you to prepare, set and serve no-bake creations in one container. And our new square option is no exception’. ‘There are few if any truly beautiful and functional square containers available to present vibrant layered raw slices so popular with vegan and paleo aficionados,’ Julie says.

‘Whoever said we eat with our eyes was right. We are thrilled to provide an attractive solution that sets off no-bake recipes in all their splendour, while delivering the same breakthrough functionality of our round and rectangular Masters.’

Delicake Masters is also perfect for kids. Being visually oriented, it provides a sure-fire way to engage them in the fun and rewarding activity of baking. As Julie notes, ‘They can see preparation happening step-by-step right before their eyes and don’t have to wait for their creation to be baked before it’s ready. Best yet, because our cake ware is purpose-made for raw food, we take great pride in contributing to nurturing healthy eating habits for kids.’

Like its circular and rectangular counterparts, the new square Delicake Master is crafted from premium German acrylic material.

To learn more about Delicake, go to www.delicake.com.au/whydelicake.



No Bake Anjeer (Fig) Biscuit & Caramel Squares by Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey

Vegetarian/vegan food blogger Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey created these delicious Anjeer Biscuit & Caramel Squares in our Traditional Round Master.

We love the support we receive from blogger’s that enjoy using our Masters range. Jagruti began taking an interest in food as a young girl, watching her mother in the kitchen. Jagruti is a food blogger based in the UK. With her enthusiasm for food, she was eager to share recipes and form a diary of her gastronomic journey.

Click the link above to see the full recipe for her no bake Anjeer Biscuit and Caramel Squares.

Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey