About Us


Delicake is an Australian owned company situated in Sydney. We have two warehouse, one in Sydney and one in West Sussex United Kingdom. Our Australian made products are of the highest quality, the workmanship of our designers, and engineers have over 60 years experience focusing on functionality and quality solutions. Delicake brand is an innovative design, the highest quality of raw materials are sourced from Germany to manufacture the quality cake ware brand we are proud to distribute worldwide.

While many brands concentrate on baking or storage kitchen ware product, we at Delicake focus on the whole user experience, creating products that work beautifully for the growing number of no baking consumer trends, including desserts, vegan, paleo and raw recipes required to set in the fridge or freezer. With the evolving busy consumer lifestyle of today, Delicake has created a design with contemporary styling and its easy distinctive unique use within the industry.

Our unique no-bake products are designed to replace the use of opaque cake tins and bake ware for setting desserts in the fridge and freezer. Delicake cake ware products replace the use of storage containers, glass or ceramic baking dishes for setting desserts in the fridge or freezer. It is designed to prepare set and serve your dessert using one single kitchen item.

“We continue to explore many products in the kitchen ware no bake industry. Our plan is to market and deliver successfully worldwide, our unique design catering for the evolving home baker and entertainer lifestyle trends of today”.

About our Masters

The Delicake Master is a unique, lightweight, three-piece cake ware product; designed to help you create no-bake dessert masterpieces. Unlike traditional bakeware and plastic containers, the Delicake Master is an all-in-one solution: saving you time and effort.

The Master’s clever three-piece assembly means your desserts can be prepared, set and served using a single kitchen item. The Masters consists of a base, a sleeve and a lid. The sleeve locks into the base and contains the dessert without sticking to the sides. The lid locks in freshness and also makes transporting easy, and the base is perfect for presenting and serving. It’s that simple: prepare, set and serve – with Delicakes Masters.

About the designer

My name is Julie, I designed and developed Delicake cake ware for the no baker lifestyle of today! I am a mother of two beautiful girls and work full time. I love to entertain my family and friends and I am a bit of a perfectionist. I am the master chef in my kitchen…no qualification needed here 🙂 I try to make quick & easy recipes that are both beautiful and delicious not that they turned out well all the time.

I had a few easy desserts recipes on hand pasted down from friends and loved sharing them with my family and friends; however, I would make desserts in a springform baking pan or bakeware and have to cover it using cling wrap. The end result never showed all my efforts and the layers were all out of shape.

If I had made the dessert in a storage container, transportation would be easy but the container would always end up staying at my friend’s house. It felt like I was always buying new containers for those few recipes I finally Mastered and scooping out my cake would result in a mess on the plate.

Finally after so many late nights, sweat and tears, I finally launched my Delicake Brand. My issues have been solved! Entertaining is a breeze! Easy to transport! Easy to use and my desserts present beautifully!

I’m constantly receiving positive feedback from people that use the Masters. Customer, Chefs and food bloggers from around the world love it because it works, and I know you’ll come to love it too.