Oreo Chocolate Fudge & Cream Cake

Oreo Chocolate Fudge Cream Cake.

250- Oreo biscuits
75g butter to combine
Instant chocolate fudge/pudding packet
2 milk chocolate bars
50g shaved milk chocolate

Assemble Delicake cake ware, base and sleeve.
Blend Oreo biscuits in a processor, then combine with melted butter in the Delicake cake ware and mix well.
Spread over base firmly, put lid on and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Blend cream to thick consistency and combine chocolate bars through the mixture.
Follow instant chocolate fudge/pudding directions.
Pour half the cream mixture over the biscuit base, leaving 5cm from the outer sleeve.
Pour in the pudding mixer- follow the instant pudding mixture, pour the remainder of cream on top of pudding and spread.
Shave the milk chocolate on top to decorate and put the lid on and place in the fridge till set.
Once set, remove the lid and sleeve upwards slowly, cut and serve.

Re-assemble, by putting the sleeve and lid on to store in the fridge.

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