Custard Fruit Tart

Custard Fruit Tart



250g butterscotch biscuits

75g butter to combine

Custard pudding packet

1 punnet strawberries

1 punnet blueberries or raspberries

½ cup strawberry preserves



Assemble Delicake cake ware, base and sleeve.

Blend biscuits in a processor, then combine with melted butter in the Delicake cake ware and mix well.

Spread over base firmly, put lid on and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.

Follow instruction on the pack of custard pudding mixture and allow to cool.

Chefs Note: before pouring custard mixture, spray inside the sleeve with oil.

Spread the strawberry preserves over the biscuit base & pour the custard mixture. Set in the fridge.

Slice strawberries and decorate with the berries before serving.

Remove the Delicake sleeve upwards slowly, cut and serve.

Re-assemble, by putting the sleeve and lid on to store in the fridge.

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