Rocky Road Cheesecake By Zamamabakes

Rocky Road Cheesecake 

Rocky Road Cheesecake using Mascarpone cheese in 15 minutes using the Traditional Round Master by Zamamabakes will exceed any dessert exspection. Decorating it is simple when you have  kids to help.  With the burst of colour textures and flavours the whole family will love it.


250 gram 1-packet chocolate ripple biscuits

80 gram butter

500 gram mascarpone cheese

300 mil cream

200 gram milk chocolate

1 cup caster sugar

6-8 Marshmallow snowball

100 gram mini marshmallows

1 punnet raspberry

100 gram shredded coconut

100 gram macadamia nuts

3 tbl gelatine- 150 mil water

Chocolate sauce


Method Using Delicake Cake Ware

Crush biscuits in a food processor, add melted butter and mix until well combined.

Press the mixture firmly into the Delicake base with sleeve on then refrigerate.

Melt the chocolate over stove top with cream till melted, allow to cool.

Blend cheese and caster sugar together then add the melted chocolate and combine.

Pour water and gelatine and mix well, all to cool before pouring into the cheese mixture. Whisk well.

Spray inside the sleeve with oil then place the Marshmallows on top of biscuit base and pour in the cheese mixture.

Refrigerate for minimum of 8 hours or best overnight.

Before serving, decorate with marshmallows, coconut, raspberries, nuts and drizzle chocolate sauce. Remove sleeve upwards to cut and serve.

Place the sleeve and lid on to refrigerate left overs.

Use same ingredients for SSM. Double the wet ingredients for the VRM and add 375g biscuits & 120g butter for the base.

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