Delicake Masters Make Meal Preparation Quicker & Easier

58% of Australians Find Cooking Evening Meals Stressful. Delicake Masters Make Meal Preparation Quicker and Easier.

According to McCrindle Research (Australia’s Cooking Landscape), 58% of Australians find cooking evening meals to be stressful. In addition, 61% of people feel guilty they don’t have the time to prepare nicer meals, while 54% think preparing food for a dinner party or family meal is more stressful than going to work or doing household chores.

One Australian mum lacked the time and felt guilty about not preparing nicer meals for her family and special occasions, but she didn’t give up and turned her problem into a solution that’s growing in popularity in Australian households. Her desire to create quick, healthy and delicious desserts inspired her to develop a true Australian innovation – Delicake Cakeware.

Delicake is a unique, three-piece transparent cake ware product, which includes a base, sleeve and lid. The pieces fit together, enabling home bakers to prepare, set and serve their creations within a single kitchen item.

Julie, the creator or the Delicake range of products, notes that home cooks like herself are more likely to create healthy and delicious meals when it’s easy and less time consuming.

‘With such busy schedules, cooking is often the last thing you want to do,’ Julie says. ‘Before I developed Delicake, I dreaded creating desserts for a family meal or dinner party. That all changed when I discovered an easier way to create quick and healthy no-bake desserts.’

Although wives and mothers cook most evening meals (48% according to Australia’s Cooking Landscape report) all family members will also enjoy a simple new way of creating recipes in minutes. They can now easily create luscious desserts, savoury and vegan recipes in a few simple steps. Being a no-bake solution, it’s safe for kids to get involved in making quick, easy and fun recipes.

Using Delicake Cakeware reduces the stress and time needed to create desserts for family meals or special occasions. As Julie notes, ‘I developed Delicake Cakeware to make it easy to enjoy cooking again and not be one of the 58% of people who get stressed by the thought of preparing meals.’

In addition, with step-by-step instructions for no-bake dessert recipes on the Delicake website, even inexperienced cooks can now enjoy making delicious desserts.

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AGC Catering Equipment Now Stocks Delicake

AGC Catering Equipment is a family owned and operated business located in Sydney. And are now proud stockists of Delicake Cake Ware!

You will find quality equipment, untensils, crockery and kitchen must haves in their HUGE showroom that sells to industry professionals, businesses and to the public.

You will be spoilt for choice as you browse the huge range of products available. And will no doubt walk out with your arms overflowing and a huge smile on your face.

So head on in, say HI to the beautiful team and grab your Delicake Masters from an established, reliable and local Sydney business.

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Introducing, The Stylish Square Master!

The Stylish Square Master is the newest addition to the Delicake range!

Delicake has added another dimension to its revolutionary transparent Masters range with the launch of the landmark square (20cm x 20cm) cake ware product.

The wholly Australian-made square container is the most petite item in the Delicake Masters range. Making it an exciting new solution for home bakers preparing no-bake creations for family events. It joins the 23cm round and 20cm x 30cm rectangular options that are already available.

Delicake has pioneered unique, three-piece transparent cake ware products, which are comprised of a base, sleeve and lid. All pieces lock together enabling home bakers to prepare, set and serve their creations within a single kitchen item.

Delicake innovator and founder, Julie, says that “the launch of the square container further advances consumer access to innovative all-in-one preparation and presentation for occasions of any scale”.

‘It’s exciting to start the year by further improving the options and experience our customers have with our innovative Masters range,’ Julie says.

‘Raw, vegan and paleo food continue to be dominant lifestyle forces. ‘Our Delicake Masters range makes it possible for you to prepare, set and serve no-bake creations in one container. And our new square option is no exception’. ‘There are few if any truly beautiful and functional square containers available to present vibrant layered raw slices so popular with vegan and paleo aficionados,’ Julie says.

‘Whoever said we eat with our eyes was right. We are thrilled to provide an attractive solution that sets off no-bake recipes in all their splendour, while delivering the same breakthrough functionality of our round and rectangular Masters.’

Delicake Masters is also perfect for kids. Being visually oriented, it provides a sure-fire way to engage them in the fun and rewarding activity of baking. As Julie notes, ‘They can see preparation happening step-by-step right before their eyes and don’t have to wait for their creation to be baked before it’s ready. Best yet, because our cake ware is purpose-made for raw food, we take great pride in contributing to nurturing healthy eating habits for kids.’

Like its circular and rectangular counterparts, the new square Delicake Master is crafted from premium German acrylic material.

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How To: Create a No Bake Cheesecake to Suit Your Taste Buds

Want to know how to personalise the taste of your cheesecake to suit your craving?

You only need three ingredients for the cheese mixture. Then you can add your favorite fruit and sit it all on a bed of biscuits and voila, you’ve created something magical.

Berries are always a delight and are such crowd pleasers. Flavored extracts, liqueur, lemon, lime, orange, mango, peaches, plums, apples and anything that grows on a tree that is edible are perfect additions. And lets not forget CHOCOLATE.


When creating a cheesecake in your Traditional Round Master, you will need 250 grams of your favorite biscuit. We use different biscuits all the time. Chocolate ripple and nice biscuits are our favorites! Get a nob of butter (75 grams) and bind the two together once you have crushed the biscuits in a blender or even with a rolling pin.

Watch our video to see how to create the perfect biscuit base:

Check out the Arnotts website to see the range of biscuits that you can use for your cheesecake base, .


You will need one tub or block of cream cheese, 250 grams is the normal packaging size. With so many brands available it’s not hard to find the cream cheese of your choice.

In our recipes we use Philadelphia cream cheese, Liddells lactose free cheese, Coles spreadable cheese, Aldi brands and Woolworths Select brands, which all taste great!


The second step for your cheesecake mixture is blend 300 mls of thickened cream. You can use a hand mixer or a whisk if you need a little work out in the kitchen.

We choose to use Bulla thickened cream. You can check out their website here  it is available to purchase from most supermarkets, Australia wide.

Our Lactose free thickened cream comes from our friends at Liddells, see where you can purchase their range from here .


Your cheese mixture must be sweetened with some sort of sugar, 1/4 cup to be exact. We recommend using caster sugar from our friends at CSR which is available Australia wide from all supermarkets and stores.


The magic happens when you combine the cream cheese with the sugar, then add the cream and blend it all until it’s thick. Now it’s time to add your desired flavor or fruit.  Sliced, chopped, blended, whole or even pureed AND lets not forget the CHOCOLATE!


To bind all these lovely ingredients you need gelatin. We use McKenzie’s gelatin powder and find it works beautifully for all of our cheesecakes.

We recommend using hot water from the kettle then adding one tablespoon of gelatin. Mix until all is dissolved and wait till it is cooled BUT not set. Walk around the kitchen mixing for a minute or two singing your favourite song. Then you can add it to the cheese mixture.

See more setting agents from McKenzies here.


Now is time for the best part! You will need to taste your creation before you pour it into your Master. If you think it needs a little something, just add it in bit by bit until you love it!

Then SET your creation in the fridge. Normally eight hours or overnight is required to set.


If you want to serve it for lunch, create it the night before. If you want to serve it for dinner, create it in the morning.

Nothing beats a fresh, homemade cheesecake to share with friends and family.

Depending on who invites you to lunch or dinner, make their favorite flavor…They will love you for it!


How To: Create The Perfect Biscuit Base With A Spatula

Need help with creating the perfect biscuit base?

Most no bake recipe’s require a biscuit base of some sort. And if you can’t perfect your base it really effects the success (or lack thereof) of your creation.

We have created a short video tutorial that will help you perfect creating your base, using only a spatula. Follow these steps and every slice you cut and serve will be perfectly even.

It’s simple and only takes a couple of minutes to get it right.

Using your Delicake Master is also a key ingredient for creating the perfect base. The transparency of the Delicake Masters ensures the user has complete visual control of their creation.

Create the perfect biscuit base by Delicake

Delicake in the UK Press!

Did you see us in these UK Press magazines?

See Delicake splashed across popular UK press magazines! We love and appreciate our press partners for helping us spread the word about our innovative and unique product.

The Delicake Masters are a 3 piece cake ware system created to help perfect no bake recipes. And are currently available in a square or rectangle. The Masters range are Australian made from German acrylic. Which means you will receive a quality cake ware product that will serve you for years to come. Whether an amateur home baker or an advanced baking enthusiast, Delicake Masters are for you!

Perfect for creating no bake desserts, raw, paleo and vegetarian desserts or even savoury meals!

Delicake ships products worldwide with competitive shipping prices. Order yours here today!

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Coconut & Pineapple Cheesecake by Cakeyboi

Coconut & Pineapple Cheesecake by Cakeyboi

In the Traditional Round Master

Cakeyboi created a mouth watering coconut and pineapple cheesecake in our Traditional Round Master. Made specially for his mum on Mother’s Day, he said “mum came up and I made her a coconut and pineapple no bake cheesecake, as she adores pineapple. I made this in the Delicake master and it was so easy”.

See the reviews and get the recipe.