Kick Ice Margarita Cheesecake

Kick Ice Margarita Cheesecake


Kick Ice Margarita Cheesecake

Kick Ice Margarita Cheesecake makes a refreshing summer dessert and perfect for the whole family. Enjoy a fresh tang this summer using the Kick Ice Cocktail mixture to the cheesecake ingredients.

1 block 250 grams cream cheese

1-250 grams biscuits

80 gram butter

100 grams caster sugar

50 mils water for gelatine plus one tablespoon gelatine

500 mil thickened cream

100 grams Kick Ice Margarita mixture or use 30 mil margarita liquid mix

nuts for decorating & crunch

Method: Using Delicake cake ware

Crush biscuits and combine with 80grams melted butter in the assembled Delicake Master. Mix well.

Spread over base firmly, put Delicake lid on and refrigerate for 20 minutes

Combine cream cheese, caster sugar then add 300 mil cream and whisk using a hand held mixer. Add gelatine and mix for a further one minute, add Kick Ice mixture and blend.

Spray inside the sleeve with oil and pour mixture on the biscuit base. Refrigerate overnight or till set.

Blend 100 mil cream till thickened, dollop over the cheesecake mixture & add nuts just before serving.

Remove sleeve upwards from the base. Cut & serve from the base.

You can re-assemble sleeve and lid to store in the fridge.

Use the same ingredients for the TRM & double the wet ingredients for VRM & 375grams biscuits & 75grams butter.

You can purchase your Australian Made Kick Ice Cocktails, they deliver worldwide.

We use McKenzie’s gelatine as it sets every time  when used for cold recipes

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