How Can A Recipe Change Your Life?

For Julie, the founder of Delicake, that’s exactly what happened. A Chocolate Banana Trifle recipe changed her life forever.

Julie loved making desserts and sharing them with her family and friends. She would create her dessert in a spring form baking pan have to cover it using cling wrap. The end result never showed all her efforts and the layers would all move out of shape.

Julie says, “if I had made the dessert in a storage container, transportation would be easy but the container would always end up staying at my friend’s house. It felt like I was always buying new containers, and scooping out my cake would result in mess on the plate.”

She is so thankful for all of the support she has received since Delicake was launched in 2015.

There is one recipe that changed Julie’s life forever and inspired her to invent the Delicake Masters. This Chocolate Banana Trifle (pictured below).

“After creating this yummy dessert, in my FOIL BBQ tray to take to a Christmas dinner. It was Christmas Day, so no shops were open, there were no trifle bowls in sight. It was then I realised I needed to create something to be able show off my efforts and make my life easier in the kitchen.”

Three years after her Chocolate Banana Trifle was created in a flimsy foil BBQ tray, Delicake was created. Since then Delicake has made her life and thousands of customers lives easier in the kitchen. Everyone can now create recipes that look beautiful, transport easy and taste amazing to share with their family and friends.

“We love seeing our customers Delicake dessert creations. It makes us so happy seeing our Facebook page full of perfect no bake recipes”, says Julie.

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