Delicake Masters Make Meal Preparation Quicker & Easier

58% of Australians Find Cooking Evening Meals Stressful. Delicake Masters Make Meal Preparation Quicker and Easier.

According to McCrindle Research (Australia’s Cooking Landscape), 58% of Australians find cooking evening meals to be stressful. In addition, 61% of people feel guilty they don’t have the time to prepare nicer meals, while 54% think preparing food for a dinner party or family meal is more stressful than going to work or doing household chores.

One Australian mum lacked the time and felt guilty about not preparing nicer meals for her family and special occasions, but she didn’t give up and turned her problem into a solution that’s growing in popularity in Australian households. Her desire to create quick, healthy and delicious desserts inspired her to develop a true Australian innovation – Delicake Cakeware.

Delicake is a unique, three-piece transparent cake ware product, which includes a base, sleeve and lid. The pieces fit together, enabling home bakers to prepare, set and serve their creations within a single kitchen item.

Julie, the creator or the Delicake range of products, notes that home cooks like herself are more likely to create healthy and delicious meals when it’s easy and less time consuming.

‘With such busy schedules, cooking is often the last thing you want to do,’ Julie says. ‘Before I developed Delicake, I dreaded creating desserts for a family meal or dinner party. That all changed when I discovered an easier way to create quick and healthy no-bake desserts.’

Although wives and mothers cook most evening meals (48% according to Australia’s Cooking Landscape report) all family members will also enjoy a simple new way of creating recipes in minutes. They can now easily create luscious desserts, savoury and vegan recipes in a few simple steps. Being a no-bake solution, it’s safe for kids to get involved in making quick, easy and fun recipes.

Using Delicake Cakeware reduces the stress and time needed to create desserts for family meals or special occasions. As Julie notes, ‘I developed Delicake Cakeware to make it easy to enjoy cooking again and not be one of the 58% of people who get stressed by the thought of preparing meals.’

In addition, with step-by-step instructions for no-bake dessert recipes on the Delicake website, even inexperienced cooks can now enjoy making delicious desserts.

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