5 Tips to make the perfect Non-bake Cheesecake

We understand that not everyone has the magic touch in the kitchen and so we thought we’d put together 5 quick tips that will help your next cheesecake be the best one you’ve ever made!

Strawberry cheesecakeTip #1 Consistency is Key

Whether you’re blending biscuits to from the base, combining your ingredients or pouring the layers into your tray, ensure the consistency is the same throughout. This will translate when you’er taking the first bite of your slice.

No cheesecake I’ve ever purchased from the professionals has had a slice with biscuit chunks in there, or lumps of cream cheese so why should your home-made version.

Tip #2 Non-bake takes time

Non-Bake Cheesecakes are not for those occasions where you’re looking for a quick dessert option, this will only end in tears, take it from me!

Make sure you have enough prep time, even better prepare it a day early and leave it in the fridge. This way you won’t damage the base and your cake won’t lose shape.

Tip #3 Soften the cream cheese

Bring your cream cheese to room temperature before making a cheesecake this is one of the non-negotiables if you want a smooth, lump-free cheesecake. For those eager beavers you can micro-wave for 20 seconds.

Tip #4 Ensure your using good quality produce

Word of the Wise: If your non bake cheesecake is using fruit, ensure they are rip but not overripe. The taste of ripe fruit in dessert is amazing, overripe on the other hand can often spoil the pot.

Tip #5 Nuts are your friend

The perfect garnish on any non-bake cheesecake is nuts, literally! Use Hazelnuts, pistachios, macadamia, trust me your friends will love you for it and the texture combined with the smoothness of the cream filling is to die for.