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Why Delicake

Delicake is designed for the home baker lifestyle of today! “Create no bake Masterpieces”

Creating your no bake masterpiece has never been easier. Prepare-Set-Serve!

Delicake Masters are an all-in-one solution: saving you time and effort.The Master’s clever three piece assembly means your desserts can be prepared, set and served using a single kitchen item. The Masters consists of a base, a sleeve and a lid. The sleeve locks into the base, and contains the dessert without sticking to the sides. The lid locks in freshness and also makes transporting easy, and the base is perfect for presenting and serving. It’s that simple: prepare, set and serve

Benefits of using Delicake cake ware

  1. Preparing recipes – Perfect your recipes & save time!
  2. Entertaining – Prepare-set and serve when your guests arrive!
  3. Creating recipes means you can now – transport it easily & it will still look divine!
  4. Replaces the use of spring form bake ware for no bake setting recipes – No base attached for presentation – No mess removing base!
  5. Replaces the use of storage containers for setting and sealing recipes – No scooping out!
  6. Replaces the use of the glass or ceramic cookware dish for setting recipes –Sets perfectly!
  7. No need for cling wrap to seal recipes – Seal with our lid & present beautifully!

How do I use the Masters?


  1. Place the base down “Delicake base/lid text is facing upwards”.
  2. Place the sleeve on top using the indent snug fit to ensure security.
  3. Put your fresh ingredients in the mould.
  4. Cover using the lid and refrigerate/freeze. Ensure Delicake base/lid is facing upwards.


  1. Remove lid gently.
  2. Put both hands on the sleeve firmly and slowly raise the sleeve from the base and lifting the upwards.
  3. Ready to serve on the base at any table using non abrasive cutting utensils.

How to clean the Delicake Masters?

  1. Place under hot water and rinse.
  2. Use a soft cloth with liquid soap.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

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